A Review of Paul Janka’s “Attraction Formula”

Paul Janka:  Did He Create an “Attraction Formula”

Love him or loath him, Paul Janka always draws an opinion whenever someone sees his name.  So i decided to do a review of Paul Janka.

One of the most controversial people on the pua scene, Janka came off as a bit of a sleazebag on his appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, which is why, for years, I had avoided him. But after so many people testified that his methods worked, I decided to give Janka’s “Attraction Formula” method a try. Here is that review.

(click here to learn Paul’s 3 step system)

This video has been around the YouTubes for over a year now, and has been linked on just about every POA website around, so it’s nothing groundbreaking here. But it does give you a good understanding of just what Janka says in his book. Namely:

The goal is the phone number. Nothing more.

The most important part of the world of hockey is throwing shots on goal. They don’t have to be the best, they don’t have to be the most accurate, but the only way you’re scoring is if you throw them at the goal. This “shots on goal” philosophy extends to dating in Paul Janka’s world.

Basically, if you get enough phone numbers, good things will happen. No matter how great your game is, no matter how good you look, or how great your personality is, some girls are not going to be into it. That’s just the way it is. So, then, the goal is to find which girls are. And to do that, you have to cast a wide net and get as many numbers as possible. So Janka spends most of the time showing how to get numbers without getting rejection. Simple and good stuff.

Pros on Janka’s Attraction Formula

– Simple and effective. There’s no fluff here, no bullshit to wallow through. Just clear facts to get what you want.

– Since Janka lives what he preaches, there’s definitely more of a built-in sense of trust when it comes to his books. Dude definitely knows what he’s talking about.

– Easy to understand and get. There’s nothing too complicated here.

Cons on Janka’s Attraction Formula

– If you are average to good looking, this will work fine for you. But if you’re one of those unfortunate troll-like hermits, you’re going to need to work on your look a bit first before approaching girls on the street is going to work for you.

– Or if you’re deathly scared of approaching girls at all. This is not a beginner type book in that regard.

Overall, I think this is a great “medium level” guide. If you are deathly-scared of talking to girls, this will not be for you. But if you don’t think that talking to girls is that big of a deal, this book will definitely help in getting phone numbers. And, thusly, helping you get more women into bed.  I hope you enjoyed this review of Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula.

I’ll leave you with this video of Janka working out his game on a girl on the street:

==> If you like that, then you should head over here and watch a video of Paul Janka explaining his exact method for getting girls’ phone numbers.

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