Avoiding The Friend Zone

Sad guy in the friend zone

There is nothing worse than being in the friend zone with a girl. It’s where you, the guy, are super into this girl and she thinks you’re nothing but another one of her friends. It’s a terrible position to be in.

Once you’re there, the chances of getting her to go back to your place or to hook up with her is virtually nonexistence, without there being some extreme awkwardness going on. And once you’re in there, it’s virtually impossible to escape the friend zone. Luckily, there are ways to avoid the friend zone completely, if you pay close attention to my advice.

1. Flirt With Her Right Away

This is a must. Most guys end up in the friend zone because they don’t show the girl that they’re interested in them from the get-to. As a result, girls eventually put you in the category of “friends.” To avoid this, begin flirting with her right away. Make sure sexual tension occurs the first few times you hang out. For more tips on how to flirt, check out here:

2. Make Sure To Touch Her

Just like flirting, touching her during conversation or the first few times you hang out (whether it’s lightly on the arm, on the back, etc.) will show her that you’re interested in being more than friends to her.

3. Don’t Always Agree With Her

This is the toughest one to pull off. Basically, you want to treat her like an actual friend here, in that you don’t want to hide your opinions or how you feel or just always agree with what she’s saying. Create a little discord in the relationship by occasionally disagreeing with her or taking a different point of view.

4. Establish Sexual Attraction

This one’s a biggy. Instead of hiding your sexual feelings, only to reveal them later when you’re friends – and things get super awkward – let her know off the bat what you’re interested in. This will establish the grounds for the relationship from there on out, meaning you won’t ever fall into the friend zone.

5. Lead Her

Women love a good leader, so show her that you can do it. Plan the evening, instead of having her plan it. Take her out instead of the other way around. This will show her that you can take control.

Follow these tips and you’ll never have to escape the friend zone, because you’ll never be in it.

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