Best Tips for Flirting Over Text Messages

text flirting

Text Flirting 101

If you have managed to get the number of a girl you like, you will definitely want to know how to go about flirting with her. The first message that you send should be playful and something funny, not requiring a response. Send her a funny joke that you just heard and don’t be afraid to throw in some emoticons here and there like a smiley face; doing that will communicate how you feel about her without actually saying it.

Remember that you don’t want to be too straightforward. Make sure that you are subtle but still clear about the way you feel. Make sure that you express yourself and use words that you might not normally use in the real world. This will add a little bit of humor to your conversation and make it even more fun.

Talk about a lot of different things, not just one topic. This will keep the conversation going so you will be able to keep talking for a while. If things go silent on her end for a while, don’t be afraid to shoot her another message. You don’t want to bother her but you also don’t want the conversation to end out of nowhere.

Not responding on your part can actually be something good though, because it shows you aren’t incredibly clingy and you have control over the conversation. This is something that a lot of guys do which works really well. It will have girls chasing you even more to try and get your attention. Just keep in mind that not responding too often can make her think that you’re not into her so she will just stop trying. It is an art that you will eventually master in time.

These are some cool SMS messages to send girls.

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