Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy’s Long Distance Toemance

Long Distance Text Romances

Claire Danes doesn’t need to call her love from a balcony. The “Romeo + Juliet” star keeps in touch with her husband via text.

According to a recent story by, the 32-year-old actress, perhaps best known for her role as Angela Chase in the 90s series “My So-Called Life,” keeps things interesting with actor husband Hugh Dancy by texting messages and photos:

“We talk a lot, we text a lot, we send each other photos of our toes – dumb stuff,” said Danes.

Apparently, sending photos of each other’s toes is enough to keep the couple from getting bored while working in different parts of the country. Danes is busy shooting the Showtime series “Homeland” in North Carolina, while Dancy is acting in a New York play titled “Venus In Fur.”

The couple didn’t always have to resort to toemance. Danes met Dancy, whose credits include roles in “Basic Instinct 2” and “Black Hawk Down,” during filming of the 2007 drama “Evening.” Back then the couple’s schedules were “amazingly compatible,” said Danes.

Perhaps Danes and Dance will avoid the inevitable celeb breakup by keeping up with this long-distance game of footsie. On the other hand, it might all end with a simple text, perhaps something like “It’s over. I’m done with My So-Called Love Life.”

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