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Cute Texts to Send a Girl

Ideas for cute textsLet’s think of a hypothetical scenario. You’ve got a smartphone. You’ve got an interested party that you’re texting on this smartphone, someone of the opposite sex that you’ve been successfully interacting with thus far. You want to take it up a notch and fire her some cute texts that’ll spark the interaction to the next plateau so you can capitalize off of all your positive momentum, but are freezing up.

You have no idea what consists of a cute text, how to go about grabbing her attention and what’s in the realm of propriety for someone that you just met. Or you might want to send cute texts to a girl that you’re already halfway seeing or in a relationship with. The medium of text isn’t limited in any way – you can steer interactions the way you want to, once you actually know how to use it. Here are some easy ways to do that.

1. Send her cute jokes.

The medium of text is paced out so that you send a text, she sends a response, and generally you’re not going to be writing novel-length dissertations. They’re going to be short, fun, and flirty. So with abbreviated jokes, such as knock-knock ones or things similar in structure, you’ll not only have an easy tool to brighten someone’s day, it’ll keep the energy moving forward. You always want to be moving forward in an interaction, never having that awkward lull. Fun little jokes. They make any conversation better when you’re face-to-face with someone, why wouldn’t they make them better via text?

2. Pictures are flexible and easy.

There are some tactics that PUAs circulate and use like a charm, over and over again, other ones that are lesser known. Here’s one of the ones that is currently under the radar – your phone, provided that it’s a smartphone, and not an ancient candybar, is capable of taking pictures. You’re not going to take pictures of anything lewd, though, instead, simply take a picture of a food item you may have cooked, something interesting you saw, a bit of flowers that you saw on sale in a flower shop, and offer her some. It’ll be enough to get the conversation stimulated – all with the stunning ease of technology. Much easier than carrying a notepad in your pocket to scrawl down cute notes, eh?

3. Notepad is your friend in loud clubs.

While admittedly, it’s not an SMS, it has to do with cute text. One of the biggest issues guys have starting out in this is that they don’t know how to talk to girls in a venue whwere the music is fary too loud. That can easily be fixed. Whip out your smartphone, if the girl is showing enough compliance to you, and open up the notepad application, or any other app used to take down text notes. What’s the purpose of it? So you two can have a conversation in the crowded club without having to shout or actually have a conversation. Personally, I’ve known many eople who have implemented this simplistic fix into their bag of tricks and gotten a lot of results because of it. You have to make sure your text game is good, though. If it’s shoddy, and you write like you’re leaving a message on a friend’s ancient MySpace wall, filled with emoticons and textspeak, she may be much less likely to respond positively.

4. Seed future events that you can take her on.

Yes. That’s right. There’s no easier way to get somebody thinking about something than just mentioning it outright – but if you get someone’s number, there should always be a purpose behind it. There should always be a reason why you’re doing it – hence, you text her when you see something interesting and drop the idea the two of you should go to it. If she responds positively, you have a date set up, if she doesn’t respond well to it, oh well. You can try it on the next girl that you meet. But I guarantee that the act of her seeing that you’re going around town to engage in activities that are fun, coupled with you mentioning them to her will be enough to get her interested.

5. Exaggerated roleplay.

One of the basic tenets of humor is comedic exaggeration. One thing a lot of PUAs like doing when they text people, inventing fantastical situations or taking something the girl just said and blowing it out of proportion. If she play along, that’s a bit of compliance building momentum forward for you.

Keep in mind, no rules are written in stone. If you want to experiment with what’ll work the best with your personality and situation – you’re going to have to experiement.

Thankfully, you have the time and willpower to do just that.  Hope you found some of these ideas for cute texts helpful.

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