Demi Moore Back on the Prowl Texting a Canadian Rapper

What does a beautiful, mega-successful actress do after calling it quits with two of the biggest stars in Hollywood (Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher)? Date an obscure Canadian musician of course! The trouble-addled actress Demi Moore is rumored to be texting Ricky J, a Canadian DJ/rapper.

According to, Moore has been “texting up a storm” with the rapper, best known for “No Means No,” a single released over a decade ago.
“’Demi and Ricky have been getting very flirty recently,’ a source close to the situation tells ‘Ricky thinks she’s really hot, and Demi seems to be loving the attention.’”
A new relationship might be just what Moore needs. The star has been having issues since the announcement of her upcoming divorce from “Two and a Half Men” star Kutcher. Among other things, she was recently hospitalized for inhaling nitrous oxide.

On the other end of the fame spectrum, Ricky J’s most recent headline was hitting #42 on the Canadian Hot 100 in 2010 with his single “Whatta Night.” Perhaps in an effort to break the US charts, he’s looking to get Moore to guest vocal on an upcoming track.

An A-list movie star dating a relatively unknown Canadian rapper seems like an odd pairing, but it might be beneficial for the two. Moore will reclaim her status as world’s most famous cougar, while Ricky J will have a new love, a new singer and a pretty big cred boost. If this works out, we might just be hearing more Canadian rap on the radio. For Ricky J’s sake, “No Means No” better not apply to texting Ms. Moore back.

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