FAQ on Approaching Girls

Guy approaching girl

There’s nothing easy about approaching girls. If there was, you wouldn’t be here, reading this article right now. It’s a struggle, but one that can be easily overcome with by following the right line of thinking.

Q: How do I approach a girl?

A: My own preferred method is something called the “indirect opener,” which works exactly as it sounds. Instead of using one of your common lines, ask her something like “Do you know when the bus comes?” or something innocent like that. Something like this works because she doesn’t immediately put her guard up, making it easier for you. But also, the main thing is that it makes it easier for you because the first few bits of the conversation are already taken care of. Once you start talking to her, about anything really, everything becomes easier.

Q: Are there other ways to start a conversation?

A: There’s also the “opinion opener,” where you introduce a topic and then spend some time sharing your opinion on it. For instance – and this is my favorite – I sometimes ask girls “is kissing cheating?” This little question when approaching girls gets her brain flowing, which no doubt has an opinion on this question, and sets the wheels in motion for the rest of the conversation. Get her talking about it, and the rest of your work will be done.

Q: Is there a way I can make approaching girls easier?

A: Don’t approach girls at a bar, club, coffee shop, or any other of the “ordinary” places to pick up girls. The problem with these places is that the girls know they are the ordinary places to pick them up, so their guard is up right off the bat. This is not a good position to be in if you’re just starting out. Instead, try approaching girls while at a party, or sporting event, or some kind of class. They won’t be expecting it, which will make it all the easier on you.

Q: What does eye contact from her mean?

A: I’m going to let this video answer for me:

Q: What mistakes do I have to avoid?

A: The big three are:

(1) Being too nervous around her. Girls want a guy who is confident.
(2) Invading her personal space. Make sure not to creep up too close to them off the bat, or you’ll be labeled as “creepy” immediately.
(3) Don’t compliment her too much. This puts her immediately in a position of power, instead of you.

Hope this helps!

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