Flirting with Women- Frequently Asked Questions

Guy showing girl how to flirt

Common Questions About How to Flirt

A lot of guys are away that they need to learn how to flirt with women in order to become successful and meeting and dating more of them.  However, few guys take the time to actually learn about flirting, and ever few actually go out and practice flirting with women.  This is because there is some confusion about how to use “sexual communication” or flirting to attract women.

In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about flirting.

How do I know what women will respond to?

Upon meeting a man, before she cares how nice of a person he is, she is sizing him up to see if he is a fun, playful man.  The most important thing when learning how to flirt with a woman is to keep the interaction as fun and playful as possible.

What is the best way to flirt with women?

The all-time best way to flirt with a woman is to tease her.  Teasing is a flirting technique that men naturally begin using as early as the first grade.  Remember how on the playground you used to relentlessly tease the girls you had the biggest crush on?  Well, that strategy works even better in bars and clubs.

How do I begin flirting with a woman?

The easiest way to begin flirting or teasing a woman is to look for something unique about her that you can playfully joke with her about.  Maybe she has a funny accent, is adorably short, has a feisty temper, said something absurd, or likes an opposing baseball team… any of these are perfect to use as teasing ammunition.  Remember, the teasing is never meant to be hurtful or cruel.  It is simply meant to be playful and draw a reaction out of her.

Are there other ways to flirt besides verbally teasing a woman?

Yes.  Another powerful way to flirt with a woman is to use physical flirtation.  This is when you are non verbally playful with her.

Non verbal playfulness can include things like pulling your hand away when she goes to give you a high-five, sticking your tongue out at her, or making over exaggerated gestures to things she is telling you.  These are all fun ways to get a reaction out of a woman.  And they are excellent examples of flirting.

Ok- I understand what flirting is… now what?

Once you have a general idea of how to flirt with a woman that only way to get better is to go out there and practice.  You can practice on just about any woman you meet.  Remember, you’re simply creating a fun and playful vibe between you and the women.

That is your goal.

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