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Funny Text Messages to Send Girls

girl getting text from guy she just metSometimes, getting the girl isn’t the most important thing. Sometimes that’s only one of the things that’ll make you the happiest, and you need to participate in the principle of self-amusement. That dictates that you have the best time doing the silliest things and not worrying about the rules and the principles that govern the realm of pick-up artistry. Sometimes you just want to be silly. The problem is – a lot of people don’t know how to be silly and a lot of people are unsure about how to be funny. Most people who look for information about this kind of thing aren’t very good at anticipating and picking up on social cues – so here’s some hilarious things you can text people…some funny text messages to send.

1.  Hilarious pictures.

Smartphones can do a variety of things – from locating the nearest location of shoes and working as a GPS, to acting as Ocarinas if you blow in the right area of them. The other magical thing they can do is save every text message you’ve ever gotten and send pictures back and forth between parties. Which can either lead to awkward pictures of body parts being exchanged. Or – hilarious pictures. There’s a compendium of hilarious pictures that you can just download at any time and save onto your phone – so take the time to do that. How many girls do you know who hate receiving pictures of cats? The same amount who hate happiness and ice cream. As in, none. So get pictures of memes, funny captioned things, make your own if you have to – for any response that might encounter. It’s just one of a myriad of funny text messages you can send.

2.. Jokes.

You might’ve noticed, but jokes are short enough to be told via text message. Additionally, the communication is short enough that people don’t get bored with jokes – even with really short and stupid ones. In fact, the shortest and stupidest jokes you can muster usually get SOME kind of reaction via text – just make sure you’re on good enough ground with the person that they don’t care that you’re texting them stupid jokes. Knock knock jokes, stupid short two-liners, anything that you have that’s been called back before – all these are possibilities of funny text messages that you can send to the army of women that you’re trying to seduce. If you can make a woman laugh, then chances are you’re going to be able to get her to do what you want.

3.  ‘Made you look.’

If she gets it, chances are she’s got a good sense of humor. If she doesn’t, explain to her that you made her look at her cell phone, and never contact her again, because she isn’t quick on the uptake. We kid. But it’s one of many stupid and funny text messages you can send to a girl. If you can’t joke around with a pretty lady, what can you possibly hope for? Getting a funnier lady. That’s the only thing that you can possibly hope for.

4.  ‘Help, my apartment is being invaded by Smurfs. How do I kill them?’

This text message does a variety of things – first, you’ll be able to see if she’s got a knowledge of 80’s cartoons that were invented overseas. Or if she’s seen the recent movie starring Neil Patrick Harris. More importantly, you can send this message out en masse, and you’ll be able to see what responses you get and be able to capitalize off of those responses or if none of your friends actually know what to do with Smurfs. Some schools of pick-up call it ‘Zombie Texting’, where you text old phone numbers that haven’t been responding anymore and see which ones respond. If one responds, you can invite them out again and capitalize off of it – if they don’t, it’s just another funny text message that you’ve learned how to send. Pretty cool, right?

5.  ‘I saw an eagle fighting a shark today and thought of you.’

Again, something that you can easily text people en masse to see who’ll respond and what’s going on in your social circle. If you get responses back, they’ll be asking questions like, ‘What?’ ‘Really?’ ‘What’s that mean?’ or people with good senses of humor will be like, ‘Awwwww.’ Just another zombie text you can send to people to be goofy and try to brighten their day up.

These are just suggestions, bear in mind. A lot of humor is based off the individual, and if your demeanor is drier than a sherry, you’re not going to sound right saying lines that somebody else has invented. Which is why it’s so important for you to get out and practice being funny on your own, instead of taking lines. You have the power inside you, now utilize it!

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for funny text messages to send girls

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