Guru Black Book Review & Sneak Peak

Guru Black Book Sneak Peak

The Guru Black Book has finally arrived.  After months of compiling interviews with the top pickup artists and dating coaches in the world… Brad Jackson and Bill Preston are unleashing The Guru Black Book.

What is the Guru Black Book?

Brad and Bill researched the most common sticking points, obstacles, and frustrations of guys studying pickup, and they interrogated 28 of the top dating coaches in the world for their best tips, tricks, and tactics for beating these challenges.

Who is part of it?

The program is basically a ‘who’s who’ of the dating and pick up community.  Some of the most highly ranked pick up artists such as Jon Sinn, Adam Lyons, Richard La Ruina, Vin Dicarlo, and Christian Hudson are a part of it.

They have also included several female guests, online dating experts, body language coaches, and a whole other host of seduction guru’s to chime in with their best answers to the most common challenges students face.

How does it work?

The awesome part of the program is the Guru Matrix that they created where you can basically examine a question, and then select each guru’s answer.

Here is glimpse at what it looks like:

The awesome thing about a program like this is that you get every different angle from guys of all types.  This way if you’re a shy guy… you’re bound to get an answer from other former ‘shy gurus’ or if you’re a guy who struggles to overcome his ‘nice guy’ image… you’re bound to get answers from guru’s who shared your same problem.

My point is, you get so many different perspectives that you’re bound to find a few guru’s who really click with you and open your eyes to new possibilities.

The Guru Black Book BONUS

One of the most amazing deals out there right now is Bobby Rio’s Guru Black Book Bonus.  Bobby, who is a part of the Guru Black Book is offering a very special bonus for guys purchasing the program.

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