Hold the Phone: Texting is the Dating Norm

Texting is More Popular Than Calling for Couples

“I Just Called to Say I Love You” is a nice song and all, but it sure is dated. According to a recent article for USA Today , texting is the norm when it comes to starting and maintaining romantic relationships.

Just how much has texting changed the dating landscape you ask? USA Today writer Jefferson Graham polled the following questions to staff and patrons at the Strand House, a restaurant in Manhattan Beach, California, as well as USA Today readers:

1.) Would you call it quits via text?

2.) How often are you spending the day texting your significant other?

3.) What would happen to your relationship if you didn’t?

Not surprisingly, Graham’s findings confirmed his beliefs that “Texts now play a major role” in romance. Whether for keeping in touch if separated by long distance or sending variations of “I luv U boo” 20 times a day, texting is now a relationship staple.

And if you’re not in a steady relationship yet, texting is a great way to break the ice with a prospective woman. Alicia Comanda, one of the women polled, said that texting is much more appropriate than calling:

“If I were ever to give a guy my number after meeting after a night out or through friends, he would text me,” said Comanda. “I could not imagine a man calling me to chat.”

Keep in mind, however, that while texting may be a great way to start and maintain a relationship, for some texting it’s also an easy way to end one.

Regardless of how you feel about cultivating a relationship via emoticons, texting is here to stay as a dating tool. Most people don’t have time in the day for back-and-forth “No, you’re the cutest” “No you are!” so forget the archaic phone calls or long-winded emails. That simple “Yo grrl, u wanna hit up Applebee’s?” might just be the text you tell your grandkids about someday.

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