How to Flirt Using Text Messages

Girl flirting over text

Rules of Text Flirting

With all of the technological developments made in the past ten years or so, a lot has changed with regards to how people flirt with one another.

Texting is considered to be commonplace, especially among teenagers. Knowing how to flirt via text is important if you are someone who does it a lot and wants to talk to girls this way.

Sometimes it is just easier to say certain things in a text message that you feel like you can’t say face to face.

There are many different ways to flirt, including the use of emoticons, which can be anything like a wink or smiley face. These graphics can convey many different emotions, including sadness, happiness, excitement, and many other feelings.

When you are talking to a girl using text messages, remember that sometimes things can be misinterpreted or taken the wrong way. This is just what happens when you aren’t speaking face to face, so be careful about what you say.

Texting to flirt can be a great thing because it can allow you to really be yourself and say what is on your mind. If you like a certain girl, it’s easier to go ahead and just say “So I really like you…” or something like that. It doesn’t seem quite so strange or blunt when you send it in a text message to a girl you like.

Flirting can also mean asking something like “So what are you wearing?” While some girls won’t respond well to this type of flirting, others will. It’s just a matter of trying different things out and seeing what works. Usually if you know the girl already you can use your own good judgment when it comes to what you can get away with saying.

Make sure that if you want to spend more time with her, you hint at it by texting something to the effect of “So what are you doing tomorrow?” Chances are she will understand what you are trying to get at.

Those on some on how to flirt using text message.

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maddie June 27, 2011 at 7:14 am

okay well i`ve been txting this guy i like and he likes me back and he always say flirt with me and i just go blank like idk wat to say to him to sound flirty and sexy…u kno wat i mean? help me!

Renatinho January 27, 2012 at 12:51 am

maddie, start by saying shit like hes hot or sexy or things like that… and when he replies, build on from there .. if he doesnt say anything that you can build on to, be like”you told me to try to flirt, but you’re not making an effort, so why should i try”..

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