How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Get her back!

Trying to get back together with your ex-girlfriend is kryptonite when it comes to telling your friends.

They’ll tell you you’re crazy. They’ll tell you to not be so stupid. They’ll say that she sucks anyway and you’re better off. (And, well, sometimes they’re right.) But that doesn’t matter. They don’t know her like you do. And they are just being selfish because now you’re able to actually hang out a lot more without the ol’ ball-and-chain constantly keeping you busy.

And so, inevitably, you think about trying to get back together with her and how to accomplish this. Luckily, you can do this without having to tell your friends or getting their input. In fact, the only way you’re ever going to get back together with her in the first place is if they don’t even know you’re trying to do it.

Allow me to explain by first telling you what you can’t do when trying to get your ex girlfriend back.

What Not To Do

So, she ended it. You were supposed to move in together and, at the last minute, she got cold feet or something and couldn’t go through with it. It sucks. But after she breaks it off, you will probably try to win her back with these methods:

– Buying her all sorts of flowers or extravagant gifts.
– Declaring your undying love.
– Telling her how you’d change
– Calling her and texting her constantly.
– Putting your life on hold.


The problem with the above methods, despite what romantic comedies have taught us, is that they don’t work. These make you look like a groveling, pathetic shell of a man who is going to bow down to anything she says. And that’s not the impression that you want to give, because that’s not the kind of guy she’s going to be attracted to. Instead …

What To Do

In short, you have to get over her and become your own man. You have to:

– Block her on Facebook, or Twitter, or any of those social networking things.
– Cease all communication. Don’t return her texts or calls.
– Stay away from her friends that you may have made over the time together.
– Improve your own physical appearance with a new haircut, or going to the gym
– Get out there and meet some more girls!

Basically, become a ghost to her. Live your life. Show her that you are doing fine without her. That you don’t need her. That you’re a confident man living his own life and doing just fine with it.

AND THEN, down the road, a few months later, she’ll contact you again. And it’ll be time for Part Two of this getting her back plan:


When she contacts you and you’re ready for her, then it’s time to start up that flirting again that brought you two together in the first place. For tips on how to flirt, check out this video I made:

What you want to elicit three different feelings from her. You want to bring out:

– Jealousy, in that she could lose you to other women.
– Nostalgia, for remembering when things were great between you two.
– Sexual feelings, just to remember that there was a time when you two were going at it like crazy, and to want to have those again.

Once you bring those three feelings out of her, you’re golden and she will, once again, be putty in your hand.

For more tips on how to win back your ex-girlfriend, check out this article at TSB.

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