How to Text a Girl

How to Text a Girl You Like

In this digital age it is important to know what kind of messages to send a woman.  If you don’t know some of the rules for texting girls then you might quickly blow it with a woman that previous liked you.

What are the best SMS messages to send?

There are some pretty basic rules to follow when you’re trying to flirt and get a girl to like you over text message.  Below let’s go over some of these rules.

Rule 1:  Be Inconsistent with Your Messages

Women chase after men that they can’t figure out.  If you always text a girl back right after she messages you then you become boring and predictable.  However, if you are sporadic, and she is never quite certain when your next message is going to come she will find herself waiting for them.

When I first started dating my girlfriend she told me that she used to constantly check her phone to see if I texted her. She couldn’t concentrate out work because she was always wondering if I had sent her a text message.

That is how to text a girl in a way that captures her attention and gets her mind glued on you.

Rule 2:  Always appear to be having a good time

It is important that whenever she gets a text message from you it comes as a welcome message.  This means that you should always seem happy, fun, and upbeat in your messages to her.

Avoid complaining, seeming bored, tired, or uninteresting.

Instead, act as if whatever you are currently doing is the most possible fun you could be having.  This will make her associate you with good times.

Rule 3:  Keep your messages short and flirtatious

Don’t make the mistake of trying to write her your life story over text message.  Instead keep the messages short and to the point.  But make them fun.  Make them something she will enjoy getting from you.

You can do this by teasing her, saying funny things, or just keeping an overall flirtatious humor.  If you aren’t sure what sort of lines count as flirting, then check out the Teasing and Banter Line Cheat Sheet.  That is how to text a girl in a way that keeps the vibe fun.

Rule 4:  Use sms simply to get you in her mind

Let’s face it, the more a girl thinks about you the more likely she will be to convince herself that she likes you.  This is why it is great to use messages as a way to get her into your mind.

This means that you can send random text messages throughout the week.  Each message should bring  positive association with you in her mind.

However, don’t feel the need to respond back when she writes you back.  Remember, you need to be sporadic with your texts.  This means that you should always be the last one to text.

That is the right way to text a girl.

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Peter July 24, 2011 at 8:53 am

I would add another rule to this great list: Be Distinctive.

Creating intrigue, along with establishing credibility, is one of the tenets of great text game. Here’s a handy follow-up guide on how to create your own DISTINCTIVE text style that will keep her intrigued and engaged even longer:

luke July 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

cao 🙂

Rizwan rai January 2, 2012 at 8:17 am

soo nice tips

Alexander March 16, 2012 at 8:03 pm

first of all i belive this stuff works but why has to be so long dam it feels like an hour of u tryen to sell me and still did not hear or see the three texts u promised to share like i said i do belive this stuff works but try to keep it short and sweet dam

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