Mistakes Guys Make Trying to Attract Women

Major Attraction Mistakes

Every night millions of men head out to bars and clubs looking to attract women.  These men put on their most expensive clothes, splash themselves cologne, and have their best pickup lines ready to use.  Unfortunately, most of these very same men fail to attract women, and instead, once again, go home alone.

In this article I wanted to discuss the four biggest mistakes men make when trying to figure out how to attract women.  If you can correct these mistakes, you will find it much easiest to create attraction.

1.  They focus too much on ‘getting to know you’ questions

Here is a general rule you want to keep in mind if you’re trying to attract a woman… “Until you’ve created a sexual vibe with a woman… she doesn’t care how great of a guy you are.”

Most men spend an entire conversation trying to convince a woman that they’re “boyfriend” material.  But until you’ve created attraction with a woman, she doesn’t care about these things.

2.  They display too much nervousness and insecurity around women

I think most agree on the fact that confidence is most attractive to women.  Yet, these very same men get nervous, fidgety, or shy around women.

A woman is not attracted to a man who feels he is beneath her or scared to talk to her.  Women are looking for a dominant, powerful, and confident man.

3.  They are too “nice”

Single men will often complain “women only like jerks.”  These same men will proceed to go out and smother women with “niceness.”

Here is the thing, it is perfectly ok to be nice to women if that is how you feel like acting towards them.  But “nice guys” act nice towards women out of neediness.   And women sense this immediately.  A woman knows when you’re only being nice because you think it will lead to sex.  And it is very unattractive to her.

4.  They stay within their comfort zone talking to women

One of the biggest reasons men fail to attract women is because they are afraid to take risks.  These men would rather stick to boring conversation topics, refrain from touching her, or saying anything that she might not like.

This is a big mistake because women HATE boring guys.  She wants a man who isn’t afraid to take some risks.  She wants a man who confidently asks for her number.  She wants a man who confidently goes for the kiss.  She wants a man who confidently invites her back to his place.

If you avoid these four mistakes, next time you’re out at a bar or club, you’ll be much more likely to attract a woman.

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