Rihanna Answers Katy Perry’s “SOS” During Divorce

Will Katy Perry’s next single be “I Texted a Girl”? The California gurl has been texting fellow famous-person-with-a-history-of-troubled-romance Rihanna since the announcement of her divorce from actor/comedian Russell Brand.

According to a recent article at PerezHilton.com, the pop stars and longtime friends have been “in constant contact” since Brand filed for divorce from Perry on December 30th in Los Angeles.

Rihanna, famous for singles like “S&M” and “Umbrella,” has been ““doing all she can to keep Katy from completely losing it,” according to TMZ’s sources. The BFF’s were all emoticons and LOL’s on New Year’s. While you were busy trying to land a midnight kiss with a complete stranger, the two friends were texting each other non-stop.

If all goes well for Perry, she won’t be singing “The One That Got Away” (a single from her 2010 album “Teenage Dream”) for very long. She just might meet the next actor/comedian/wanker of her dreams on the pair’s supposedly upcoming trip to Mexico.

Whenever your next inevitable breakup goes down, you can be sure your ex will be texting her friends for support. Whether this comes in the form of sad faces or messages like “Screw that loser,” depends on the state of the breakup (and how much of an ass you were.) Just be glad she’s not friends with Lady Gaga.

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