Step by Step Guide to Asking A Girl Out

Asking a girl out isn't the most difficult thing in the world

Asking a girl out is a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t always have to be. Follow the below steps and you’ll see that the process is simple.

Step 1: Plant Attraction

Before asking a girl out, you should plant attraction so that she actually wants you to ask her out. You don’t want to just do it out of the blue, which will just confuse her and probably have her saying “no” instead of “yes.”

Step 2: Show Her That You’re Fun

This is extremely important. When you ask a girl out, you want her to know that she’s going to have a good time. Don’t be shy around her. Think of it like advertising. You want her to want you.

Step 3: Show Your Leadership Ability

Girls love leaders. Show her that you can plan an event with a large group of people, or can handle yourself in a party with a lot of friends, or are a storyteller that gets everyone’s attention.

Step 4: Flirt With Her

Take a look at this video for my tips on how to flirt with a girl:

Step 5: Plan the Night

Instead of just saying that “yeah, we should hang out sometime,” show her your leadership side once again by actually coming up with a plan for the night. Don’t be vague, be clear.

Step 6: But Not A Dinner and a Movie

This is the worst possible date to take a girl on. Not only is it clichéd and boring, but it also makes the entire night an actual DATE date, and puts too much pressure on her. Come up with something more interesting.

Step 7: Don’t Be Too Invested In Her Answer

With all of the thoughts you’ve already used on this, it’s hard not to get invested in whether or not she’s going to say yes. But you have to make it look like you don’t care if she says yes or no. If she says yes, great, then she can come along and have fun … which you’d be doing anyway. If you make it seem like this answer of hers is the most important thing in the world, you’re going to end up scaring her away and making her time long and hard about answering “yes” when you ask her out on a date.

So, then. Now that I’ve told you how to plant the seeds of attraction and what NOT to do, how do you ask a girl out? Watch my video on how to ask a girl out and learn:

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Johnson Gbenro Emmanuel April 2, 2012 at 12:19 am

I can feel your words, so keep it up.

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