Sweet Text Messages

Sweet Text Messages to Send a Girl

Two texting girlsNow, before we run down a list of sweet text messages that you can send someone, here’s something that you have to consider. A lot of women aren’t comfortable with someone being overtly sweet without any form of investment back at them.

So if you’re sending messages to a woman without any cues or inclination on her part that she’s into you – guess what? You’re doing game wrong. If you’re spilling your heart out to someone and she’s not into it – you’re probably never going to talk to her again. Learn social cues and learn them well, my friend. That being said – here are some cute text messages you can send to someone who deserves sweet text messages.

Sweet Text Messages

1.  Just wanted to tell you, I was thinking of you.

I think that when you have a really good connection with someone, it helps to know that you’re thinking about them. Provided that you’re not texting them constantly about how you’re thinking about them. It helps if you’re detached, but the minute that you want to show a little bit of sweetness, it helps if you let them know. This is the most direct way of doing it. If you want to make it funnier, tell her this after something that wouldn’t particularly remind someone of anybody. Like, ‘I finally saw My Little Pony.’ It’ll break up the sweetness of the text message. You know – to keep her guessing.

2.  Send her a picture of some flowers.

I’m a giant proponent of this one. The thing about technology, is that it can be used to either expedite interactions and make them more eventful, or make things more terrible and cold. How would you like to use it? Personally, I’d want to use our newfound powers for good instead of evil, so I like doing things like taking pictures of lovely things and sending them to people who want to get sweet text messages. If they’re deserving. So, one of the sweetest things you can do is go to your local flower market, take a picture of the goods there, and send them to the ladies you feel like being sweet to. It’s a creative way to send sweet text messages.

3.  Send her a picture of some dessert or something you’re cooking.

There’s something about actual physical pictures instead of words that helps build up emotional investment in a person. It’s the same thing as matte backdrops and animatronics instead of CGI. CGI is soulless and doesn’t look right – text messages are the same. They require the least amount of investment to write and make. Now, something you’ve cooked, on the other hand, takes a while to make – and women are always into someone that can demonstrate a lot of male paternal investment – that thing that makes women think you’d be good with babies…it attracts her to you. So send her a picture of anything that you’ve worked on, including dessert, cooking, something. And offer her some.

4.   If she sends you a picture of herself, compliment her on it.

First off, if a girl is sending you pictures of herself, it’s a definite sign that she’s interested. And oftentimes, it’s a chance for you to say something sweet other than, ‘Aww lawd, girl, show me them titties.’ So compliment her on the way she looks. Unless you feel like she’s shooting for investment just by sending you a picture – in which case you make her work for the compliment. But in any case – it’s a sweet thing to tell a woman she’s looking good. Especially when you need it.

5.  Let’s go out and do something!

What’s the sweetest thing in the world? Not staring at your phone all day. Going out, enjoying life, and doing it with someone you want to be with – for that day, for that week, however you want to do it. You can do a lot more in person than you can via text or through technology – we live in a time period where sometimes technology can be the easy way out, but you want to be good in person. You want to be able to seduce women when you actually see them.

6.  Miss ya.

Realistically, we miss human contact whenever we don’t get it. Because we’re so caught up in technology and social networking, we oftentimes forget that there are people outside, in real life, who are waiting to meet up with us if you give them a chance. So instead of missing them, as you could send with this sweet text message – what you could do is use that as an impetus to meet up with them. There’s nothing sweeter than actual human contact.

So send out some sweet text messages, and before long, you’ll be able to understand when to give good investment, and when to limit it.

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