We’re No Better Than Teens When It Comes to Text Messaging

by John Brhel

texting but ignoring messages

Playing Text “Games”

My girlfriend recently told me it impressed her that I didn’t play any waiting games when we first started contacting each other. I’m a strict write back when written to guy; comes from my line of work. It seems that I’m an exception to the rule, however, when it comes to modern day (mis)communication.

Ever receive an affectionate text from a significant other that was seemingly written for someone else? You, my friend, may have been the victim of text warfare according to Wall Street Journal writer Elizabeth Bernstein. In a November 1 article for the Wall Street Journal, Bernstein argues that texting leads grown adults to revert to teenage love games, that it “lends itself particularly well to some serious power plays.”

You know the whole “wait three days and call” song and dance? That’s old hat. Try the new and improved “wait two weeks and text” number executed so tactfully by Shawn Farner from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In Bernstein’s article, Farner states that he once waited two weeks to respond to a woman that had waited two weeks to write him. Because we’re so used to the immediate gratification that text messages provide, making someone wait for a response is a way to keep someone thinking about you. On waiting for a response from one woman, Farner said “The lack of instant gratification absolutely consumed my brain.”

I’ll admit it; I’m guilty of text manipulation. I’ve played the waiting game here and there. We all have. No one’s that busy they can’t text back a simple sentence or two. She knows you’re probably just sitting around watching “Breaking Bad.” But some of the stuff people do to manipulate the situation in their favor boggles my mind. Asking your friend to text you while out on a date to look more popular and busy? Texting “Who is this?” to appear cool and aloof? Are we no better than sixth and seventh graders? Like, I guess not, for sure.

What text games are you guilty of? Do you currently have a girlfriend waiting with baited breath for your reply? Did you just send a fake drnkkk txt? If so, you’re not alone. But be wary; your significant other’s more likely than not playing you just the same.

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