What to Remember When Texting a Girl

Texting a Girl Tips

When you take into consideration all of the things to remember before texting a girl, you will significantly increase your chances of getting a date with her.

Think Before Texting Too Much

One of the first things to consider is that texting too much is almost a always a bad thing, because you definitely don’t want to appear desperate. Keep in mind that you are a guy and that girls never like guys that seem like they can never get any girls.

Don’t Always be Serious

You should also keep in mind what you are going to send to the girl you like in a text message, because there are different things that you can send. Jokes are always a good option, simply because they make for a good conversation-starter and really get things going. If you happen to find something online that is funny or your friend sends you a picture/video, you might want to pass it along to the girl you are texting.

Avoid Future Planning

If you are a dating this girl, then you will also want to remember that it’s never a good idea to have serious conversations about the future of your relationship through texts. When you have to talk about something serious, you will always want it to be face-to-face. When you text her there is just too much room for miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Be Clear, Leave No Room For Misinterpration

Also try to be as clear and concise as possible, because girls always appreciate it when you say what you mean. Try not to use abbreviations like crazy when you are texting her, because even for some girls that can get annoying. While using shorthand in texting is what makes it so attractive in the first place, try not to go overboard with it.

In the end you will be happy that you took this advice because of the fact that girls tend to get frustrated very easily when they cannot understand what a guy is saying via text.

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