What to Text a Girl You Just Met

What to Text a Girl After You Got Her Number

girl getting text from guy who she gave her phone number to.When you’re going out and meeting women, it’s practically impossible to have a bad time. No matter what your mood is before you go out, you’re going to have a good time if you meet new girls, socialize, flirt, and do all the things that men are supposed to do when they’re going out and having a good time with their friends. A lot of people who go out and socialize at bars oftentimes enjoy trading their numbers with people – but how do you convert those numbers into actual activity?

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How do you make sure you meet up with a girl later using all of the tricks that you’ve accumulated over your extensive time learning social dynamics and the art of meeting people? The answer is simple. Keep reading. You want to know what to text a girl you just met? There are a number of things you have to do during the interaction to maximize the opportunities you’ll get later. Here’s what you do.

What to Text a Girl To Make Her Want You

1. Make sure the interaction was actually good, and not something that you push just because you feel like it.

There’s an overwhelming mentality among people who do PUA, especially those that run bootcamps, that you need to stay in an interaction even if it’s going terribly. And sure, you might be able to turn things around if you bomb on the initial approach, but if you’re getting terrible, terrible flakes – chances are that the interactions aren’t going as well as you thought they were. They might even be terribly annoyed to be talking to you and giving you their number because they’re polite – it happens all the time. They’ll save you in their phone as something like, ‘Never pick up,’ smile at you politely, and pretend like they never met you when you text them days later. So when you’re getting a number, feel in your gut if the interaction is going well. If it’s not – don’t bother. You’re already at a disadvantage, she’s already got a cause to flake on you.

2.  Make sure that you trade numbers with each other.

This’ll prevent confusion when you text her later. Anything to prevent confusion in an interaction later, you want to aim for. Trading numbers means when you’ll text her, she won’t go, ‘Huh?’ ‘Wut?’ ‘Who is this serious’, or anything similar. You get her number, that starts the interaction. Now, mind you, the goal doesn’t have to be phone numbers. Phone numbers mean absolutely nothing – good interactions are the thing you should be shooting for. But after you’ve had a good interaction, exchange numbers. That ensures you will actually be able to talk to her. You should be able to shoot for the number, provided that the interaction goes swimmingly, ten minutes into it. It should be the most natural thing in the whole exchange, to make it seem like you’re not overeager or too excited to get it. So, once you have that, onto the next step.

3.  Text her some callback humor.

You might not know what callback humor is – but it’s referencing something earlier that you talked about in the interaction. For instance, if you made hilarious jokes with her about cake, text her about cake. If you bonded over a communal love of the Muppets – talk about how amazing Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew are as a comedic duo. Remind her of her love of absinthe shots, anything that you talked about and do it in a light and flirty way. She’ll be much more likely to text you back – and that’s the entire point of this – you want girls to text you back. Callback humor establishes an emotional connection – the perfect thing to text a girl you just met. It’s what most pick-up companies recommend you doing.

4.  Hilarious pictures.

This is good if you want to know what to text a girl to make her smile. Everybody wandering around out there has some version of a smartphone that can do an insane amount of activities that somebody trying to court a girl in the 1960’s would never dream of. Like, for instance, send pictures. There are a ton of pictures that you can pull off the internet, hilarious pictures with cats, funny memes, anything that you’d normally be able to make somebody laugh about in an interaction with words – there are pictures for. Just make sure they’re actually funny ones – it’s an easy way to spike an emotional investment in an interaction that’s dying or if you’re bad at making jokes.

5.  Stupid jokes.

This is a concept that some people disagree on, but the structure of a joke – a little bit of a hook, investment from the audience, then the punchline – is perfectly oriented to the small character form of text messages. So, find some jokes, find some goofy pictures, and experiment with what to text a girl you just met.

You’ll find some things work best for you, and some things don’t. But that’s yours to experiment with.

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