What to text girls you like

What to Text Message a Girl You Like

So, you managed to get her number. You managed to go outside of your house, after you’ve powered down the latest installment of Call of Duty, head to a place where people were socializing and having fun, and pull some numbers off of girls. You’re on cloud 9 – you’re so excited, you may even write a sonnet.

That’s when you realize you have no idea what to text girls you like, and subsequently curl up in a ball to weep quietly. Fear not. We’re here to help you. We’re here to help you text the girls that you like so you can get them in your life.

Here are a few guidelines about what you should text…

Messages to Text Girls

  • Something interesting.

Do you know how many women go through their lives, inundated by men who have nothing meaningful to tell them? Most of them. They’re bored as hell, and don’t want to have to deal with being the more entertaining party – it’s your job to stimulate them. So be a person who brings up compelling topics. Don’t try to hard to do it — something silly that’s emotionally stimulating and out of the ordinary, or a topic she could weigh in on are all great options. Just don’t text her, ‘What’s up?’

  • Goofy pictures.

Your smart-phone is way better than old rotary phones of the past. Buying temperatures can be spiked, communication is instant – pity the poor people who had to do this entire thing writing letters in the past. You can download pictures, memes, silly cat pictures, anything that the internet contains you can throw onto your phone. What does this mean? Instead of parsing through an awkward text interaction you can pepper it with whatever form of hilarity you choose to spike her buying temperature. Always a fun time.

  • Passages that end with questions.

Why’s that? When you text someone you like just statements, there’s no bit of compliance or hook for them to respond back to.  There’s nothing at all there for them to hook into – and you need to be constantly hooking if you want to play this game. So a little compliance ladder built up from tag questions at the end of texts is all you really need to be rocking in order to get someone on the train headed straight for a meet-up. Which is where you actually want to be.

  • Nothing too verbose or needy.

Every time you text someone you like, your smart or candy-bar phone will display the dialogue you have back and forth. Check that dialogue. If it’s too far one-sided, she’s probably not into you. An even, repeating exchange is exactly what you want to be shooting for – anything less, you’re running game poorly. Sending a girl six texts to her one is the worst possible thing you can do…next to unsolicited pictures of your penis.

  • Plans that you’re aiming for.

What’s the entire point of you texting her? What’d you get her number for in the first place? Chances are, it wasn’t just to waste your time with another person on your smart-phone’s contact list. You want to meet up with her to see what you can make happen – be it turning her into a girlfriend, shooting for a few nights of fun, or putting in the work to wife her on the spot. All of these are possibilities, but none of it will come to fruition unless you push for it.   So once you get her number, push for fun. Push for a meet-up. Push yourself – if you got the number already, you’re perfectly capable.

So those are some good ideas of what to text girls you like.

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