When to Text a Girl You Like

When to text a girl you like

You’ve come this far in terms of making improvements on your life, pushing what it means to be a man. Along the way, you’ve learned invaluable lessons, but some extremely basic ones may have escaped you – and that’s no fun. If you know how to cook a basic meal, but the gourmet ones somehow keep escaping your scope of ability, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your culinary skills. Teach a man to cook, he can feed an army – that’s what you’ll be able to do with your words once you’ve figured out how to properly text girls.

Wondering how to text girls? Wonder no longer.

Rules for When to Text a Girl You Like

1. Text her immediately after you’ve met her.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this is a crazy thing to abide to – who’d text a girl almost immediately after meeting her? Someone desperate? Someone who has no knowledge about how the social matrix works? No. Somebody who knows what they’re doing. When girls decide to give out their number to people at bars, unless they put their numbers into your phone, oftentimes they get confused as to who you are. That confusion can lead into a lull in the interaction, so if you’re able, text her right after getting her number. It’ll lead to less ‘huh?’ moments later.

2. Make sure you’re clear when you’re joking.

Sometimes we all get tired of adorable, tiny emoticons. But in the case of texting, when there’s ever an issue as to whether or not you’re being facetious about something, it helps to include a little jk or winking face. When you’re first talking to someone, it helps to communicate with 100% clear intent — anything that can be done to facilitate the expression is quality. Additionally, don’t be too dark or too weird – interactions that people can understand easily are attractive.

3. Keep your texts flirty and interesting.

You wouldn’t believe how many men text women with nothing to say, adding nothing to their day, and then cannot believe when they won’t text them back. This isn’t a rare occurrence, though, it’s surprisingly common. Men will frequently do value-taking activities with women such as bombarding them with questions, so if you’re going to be one of those dudes – you’re probably on the wrong website. This one is about how to seduce them. So do the same thing you do in a normal interaction. Tease, build up comfort, shoot for a continuation. You should be doing that with every medium you communicate in, not just text messages.

4. Text a time and a place for you to meet up.

You got her information to meet up with her…not to practice having ninja texting fingers. At some point in the interaction, you’re going to have enough comfort built up to proceed to meet up with the girl, so you should be leaning towards doing that at all points possible during an interaction – going as far as the justification for getting her phone number being an event that you can text her about. So instead of a text suggesting that you guys meet up, you can shoot a text reminding her of your plans. Easily done, and far less hassle.

With these easy tips in mind, you’ll be able to wreak havoc on the bar scene near you – provided you’re within easy distance of a phone. How far you work up a person via texting is up to you, so get out there and practice. Be as charming as you possibly can be — in person, in text, and it’ll be hard for you to fail.

So now you know when to text a girl you like.

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