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First dates are tough stuff. You have a very small time frame – relatively speaking – in order to show her enough that she would be willing to go on a second date with you. The most important thing to accomplish in a first date is to make her comfortable. To keep her from being weirded out by you to avoid a second date.

Which is where first date questions come in play.

Today we’re going to go over what makes good first date questions and what to avoid.

Q: What are the worst types of first date questions?

A: The ones that make it seem like you’re giving her a job interview. Things about where she went to school, or where she grew up, or how many pets she has, or what her job is. That is all information that’s going to come out on its own as the conversation progresses, so there’s no need to simply ask about these things straight up.

Q: What should I ask instead?

A: Focus on more emotional questions. For instance, ask her what her worst first date experience was. This will get her to open up about herself, and will also help open yourself up. The two of you could bond over these traumatic experiences. Isn’t that so much more valuable than “what’s your favorite movie?”

Q: How do make a first date fun?

A: I’m just going to let my video do the talking on this on:

Q: Can I wait until the second date to go for the kiss?

A: You can. But you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Getting a kiss at the end of the first date is vital if you want a second date. Sure, if it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, and there’s nothing you could do, then of course it’s not going to 100% deny you a second date. But at least trying for a kiss on the first date will show her your intentions and get her to start seeing you as a sexual entity rather than just another friend.

Q: Any other tips?

A: One thing that helps guys come  up with good questions to use on dates is to use statements rather than questions. For instance, if you were going to ask her where she’s from, instead of just flat-out saying “Where are you from?” say something else along the lines of “You must be from the south. You have that Southern charm.” Now, from there she will tell you where she’s from and the information will be out there. But it will also give you a more emotional topic to talk about: Why you think she has that charm and what it means.

Hope that helps!

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