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My Review of Superman Stamina DVDs by Keni Styles

If I had a time machine, one of the first things I would do – after delivering the sports almanac, that is – is take the Superman Stamina back in time and give it to my younger self.

I really could have used it’s help.

A few years back when I was toiling away doing restaurant duty, I started putting the moves on this one girl. After months of flirting with her, I finally got her back to my bed and, because of my excitement, only lasting a minute.  Two pump chump. Yea.


As you’d expect, there was never a second time with this girl. One horrible performance like that was enough for her to write me off for good.

Now, while I’ve learned to hold it in a bit longer now, I still don’t achieve the kind of length I’d like to. And it makes a big difference. For example, a friend of mine has about five girls he can booty call at any time, and they’re all willing to go. I always wanted to know how he pulled that off, until one night we shared a hotel room and I heard him plugging away at this girl … and her loving it. It made me realize the importance of a good pounding, which is what the Superman Stamina Program teaches you.

The program is broken down into 3 sections.

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My Review of Part One of Superman Stamina

This is the information dump portion of the program. Male porn star Keni Styles (and someone else who I don’t remember) discuss the Superman Stamina Program. They cover such things as how masturbation affects your performance, how boner drugs like Viagra and Cialis mess you up, techniques to last longer, and so on.

This section runs a total of 86 minutes, and gives a ton of great information. And the thing is, this information is coming from a man who has a TON of experience. This guy has been with more girls than probably half the world, and it shows. Especially in the second part of the program …

My Review of Part Two of Superman Stamina

This is where it gets good.  I mean this is what I found the most helpful (and it was quite enjoyable to watch:)

Keni basically sits there and bangs some chick, all the while giving the viewers instruction on what he’s doing. That’s right, he’s banging while he’s teaching! That takes some finesse.

All joking aside, this is the most helpful part of the whole thing. Having some teacher sit there and lecture you is one thing, but actually seeing the techniques put in motion is completely something else.

Be warned, this is hardcore porn folks. But it’s very informative and will no doubt help you get the message he’s trying to deliver. The next step, after seeing the technique in motion, is …

My Review of Part 3 of Superman Stamina

This has two sections. The first reviews the various techniques that have already been described, like focusing on your breath, and the female’s “arousal ladder,” tension, and so on. The second part is where it gets good, though.

There’s a female porn star onscreen masturbating, and you’re supposed to pleasure yourself to it as well, but it also teaches you when your state of arousal should be increasing along with hers. On the side of the screen is a 1-10 scale that tells you your target arousal level. While focusing to maintain this, different tips like “keep your eyes open!” remind you what to do. The entire goal of this is to get you to focus on your arousal level while practicing to keep from ejaculating.

And it works. Instead of the normal negative stigma that comes with guys jerking off to porn, it swaps it into a positive one by having … guys jerk off to porn.


==> Watch Superman Stamina video

Final Thoughts…

Overall, my impression of the program is that it’s a really effective and brilliant way to teach the lessons. It is definitely worth the purchase, and will no doubt help you slow down that orgasm of yours in no time.   And I’ve only been going through it for a couple weeks but I already notice a big improvement during sex with my girlfriend.

If only I could have given this to my younger self!

==> Watch Superman Stamina video

This program is highly recommended.  Whether you want superman stamina, or to just get better in bed.

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Nelson May 25, 2011 at 7:36 am

Where can I purchase this product?

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