Pandora’s Box System Review

review of the pandoras box system

My Review of Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box program

While I was in college, my friends and I had this brilliant idea to hide little mini tape recorders in the bathrooms during parties.

No.  They weren’t video recorders.  Just to record the audio.  We wanted to hear what they talked about.  What they liked.  What they disliked.

Basically we just wanted a “slight edge” that would help us win out over the other guys that were after them.

Let’s just say we weren’t “ladies men” back in college 🙂

Anyway, I bring this up because I have just been going through a brand new training program by a guy named Vin Dicarlo.

It’s called The Pandora’s Box System. And after going through it.  I had to write a review about it.

And its pretty BAD ASS.

I brought up the idea of “hiding tape recorders to know what girls think” because that’s EXACTLY what Pandora’s Box is.   And as I went through the Pandora’s Box System I felt just like a giddy college guy spying on the chick he liked… and learning every detail of what she likes.

What was that movie?  An 80s movie where he learned everything the girl wanted… I think Patrick Dempsey was in it.. whatever….

My point is, that’s how I felt going through the program.

Which made me a little sad?


Because I started to think of all the women I completely blew it with.  The ones that I handled completely WRONG.

Let me explain.  Vin Dicarlo figured out that there are 8 types of women.  And once you figure out what type she is.  You basically have a blueprint for how to seduce her.

In Pandora’s Box, Dicarlo provides an exact strategy for how to seduce her type.  He says it’s based on “scientific evidence” but I suspect thats bullshit.

However, the stuff is pretty Damn ACCURATE.

At least for the girls that I have used it on.

Now I first discovered the system whn I took the Personality Quiz.

As Dicarlo builds his case for these 8 female ‘types’ you’re going to realize just how accurate his assumptions are.

If you’ve had any women in the past that you just couldn’t figure out what went wrong… or why they lost attraction to you, or why you couldn’t attract them in the first place.  The Pandora’s Box System will probably clear it up for you.

Pandora’s Box is trippy…

And is one of those systems that is going to take control of your mind for awhile during your learning phase.  You’ll be “type casting” all the women you meet, and slyly strategizing how you’re going to seduce them.

Just give his one minute mind reading a shot.  You’ll quickly see how powerful this stuff is.

Here’s is some of the things covered in the Pandora’s Box System:

1.   The 8 Female “types” that Dicarlo identifies (You’ll quickly be able to place pretty much any girl you know into one of these “types”)

2.  What these different “types” respond to in terms of attraction and capturing their attention.

3.  The different ways you need to proceed when dealing with these different types.  He covers:

a)      The most effective way to approach the different “types”

b)      What kind of flirting that each type responds best to (This was pretty mind blowing as I realized why some women just don’t respond to “teasing.”)

c)       Best ways to escalate with each type (this was really informative cuz women respond SO differently to escalation.

d)      If you want to create a strong “connection” how to do it differently for each of the “types”

e)      How to read her body language (You’ll quickly know whether she likes you or you’re wasting your time)

f)       What type of sex she responds best to  (You wouldn’t think it… but what a woman responds to in bed is largely based on personality)

There is so much more to the Pandora’s Box System than I can cover in this short review.  And to be honest, I am going through it a bunch more times, and learning the little details and tricks to figuring women out.

IF you don’t already own Pandora’s Box system, I would get a copy of the program.

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kurt December 15, 2011 at 7:37 pm

hey man,i enjoyed reading you review,it was short and to the point and helped me made a decision on wehter i should get it or not.

it’s positive by the way so looking forward to get the REAL shit…..

=) bye man.

INTERESTEDGUY December 17, 2011 at 10:47 am

HI, I was realy interested by your post.My girlfriend just left me like a shit for no reason and it seems that this pogram can provide me some answers.But it ‘s a bit expensive so if u can share it with me i would be the happiest guy in the world. THANKS

Pandora's Inside January 20, 2012 at 1:39 am

This is so fvcking amazing !

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