Stripper Shark Review (Can it Really Have You Banging Strippers?)

Stripper Shark inside club

My Review of Julian Foxx’s Stripper Shark System

I am not ashamed to admit that I love strippers.  I think they’re hot, sexy, and when they’re swinging on that pole I can’t peel my eyes away.  And yes, I have always been “the chump” following the girls into the back room for an over-priced lap dance.

Julian Foxx would slap me in the face.  And he’d be right.

I accidentally watched his Stripper Sharkvideo while stumbling onto it somehow.  And I immediately got sucked in.

Here’s a couple things that struck me right off the bat about what he says in Stripper Shark.  First off, all the “mistakes” he talks about… I made the ALL.  I called the girls by their stripper names.  I tried to play night in shining armor with them.  I got lap dances.  I sat in “pervert’s row”…  and I never banged a stripper.

But what really had me paying full attention to his video was the fact that I have a couple friends who consistently BANG strippers…. and these guys do all the stuff that Julian was talking about.  Of course, I was too stupid to put two and two together… but listening to him talk about what to do, I immediately realized that my friend’s Ken and AJ have been doing exactly that for the past five years.

I was hooked.

See, its one thing to watch the Stripper Shark video and nod your head in agreement… but it is another thing to know whether or not Julian Foxx’s program delivers the “lines” that he promises that will help you bang the strippers.

So I did some investigating. Two things I wanted to know.  First off, is the program any good?  Second, does Julian Foxx really sleep with hot strippers reguarly.  I mean, if I’m getting advice about how to score strippers I want to make sure the guy is legit.

YES.  Julian Foxx is legit.  I have been around the “seduction” community for five years.  And I live in NY and have taken personal coaching from and met with a couple of the top instructors.  So I gave him a call recently and asked him if he knew Julian.  And he immediately began telling me a story about how Julian showed up to a Fourth of July party with a handful of strippers.  And that Julian is known for  banging strippers.

I was sold.

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Does Stripper Shark Work?

So the question you’re probably wondering is whether or not the program will help you seduce strippers.  My verdict.  I think it will increase your odds by at least 75%.  The material is top notch.  And it was written by a guy who has MASTERED this area.

The lines he gives are easy to use.  They don’t involve elaborate stories or telling lies… and definitely don’t require you to be very good looking, a drug dealer, or super rich.  They are meant for everyday average guys.

And the girl’s react just as Julian promises.

I’ve only gone to three strip joints since watching the video, and have tested the stuff out on a handful of girls.  The first place the girls didn’t speak English so it was a little hard to use the stuff.  The second place were all American girls.  And the program worked brilliantly.  I got my first stripper phone number.  And have been texting back and forth (using the material Julian gives to spike her interetst)

I have full faith that this program has just opened up a new world of opportunity for me.


What I really wish the program contained was “hidden mic” camera’s of Julian in the strip clubs using the material..  Julian explaining it is good, but I always have more questions about how to deliver the lines and stuff.  And it would be have been super cool to watch him in action.  Although I do realize that it is a little hard and illegal to do hidden camera stuff.

If you like Strippers….

If you like strippers I see no reason not to get the program. Its very affordable (especially in relation to what you spend in a strip club) and his delivers on its promise to help you seduce and score with strippers.

If you want to bang strippers grab a copy here. (And then go out and test the material tonight)

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