Texting the Girl You Like

What to Text a Girl You Like

There are many different ways to flirt, including through text messages. It always helps to know how to go about talking to girls using text messages, because it is somewhat different than just having a conversation on the phone. You will want to follow some of these basic tips which will help you to get a feel for how to talk to girls through text messages, so you will be able to start dating the girl you like as soon as possible.

Be Subtle

It is important to let the girl you have in mind know that you like her without being too obvious. This means that you won’t want to text her twenty five times a day. You will need to limit the amount of texts you send at first to just a few, because any more than that will make it seem like you are coming on too strong and are desperate.

Be Humorous

Try sending her jokes and other things that you think she might find funny. Chances are your friends send you these types of things all the time, so try passing it on to her one day when you have nothing else to do. Once she reads it she will know that you thought of her and understand what is going on.

Use Emoticons

It is okay to use emoticons once in a while when you are texting the girl you like. Sending smiley faces and other types of graphics over text messages is a good idea because she will probably think it is cute that you are using them to flirt with her. Girls tend to know a lot more about flirting than guys do, which is okay. You will want her to pick up on what you are doing so she knows you are interested. Once she starts to catch on, chances are you will start going on actual dates.

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